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Four Lessons in Group Counseling for VR Professionals is a Course

Four Lessons in Group Counseling for VR Professionals

Starts Oct 28, 2021
4.0 credits

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Full course description

The Use of Group Counseling in State Vocational Rehabilitation Settings: The Benefits and Challenges.

 The presenter will discuss how group is being used with individuals who have disabilities. Next, examples will be provided of how group has been implemented in VR settings. This presentation will conclude by exploring the challenges and benefits of providing group the context of state VR. 

A Toolkit for Planning a Successful Group: What the VR Counselor Needs to Consider

This presentation will explore the many factors a VR counselor needs to consider when planning a group counseling curriculum. Consistent with this, the presenter will first discuss group dynamics, therapeutic forces, group stages, and multicultural factors. Next, ethical, and legal considerations will be presented. The presenter will conclude with a discussion about pre-group planning and group member selection.  

Group Counseling Skills and Techniques: A VR Counselors Guide to the What and How

The presenter will first introduce the skills of group counseling and will provide examples. Next, the presenter will explore the types of exercises commonly used in group counseling (e.g., written; movement; rounds, dyads, triads; creative; feedback; trust; moral dilemma, group decision). The presenter will then explore how to conduct and process exercises and will conclude with process question examples.

The Group Session and Developmental Stages: Facilitator Roles and Functions, Structuring by Design

The presenter will first define the stages of a group’s development and the phases of a session. Next the presenter will explore the characteristics of each stage and the associated roles and functions of the facilitator. The presenter will conclude this presentation with recommendations on how to structure a session at each stage of the group’s development.